The definition of a weed is “Any Plant Out Of Place”.

Weed and pest control, cover a broad spectrum of services. Weed Control can be broken down into two specific categories.

  • Selective Weed Control
  • Non-Selective Weed Control

Selective Weed Control
– “Herbicide formulated to control specific weeds or weed categories. A material that is toxic to some plant species but less toxic to others”.

Selective weed control is used to control general broadleaf weeds within a preferable crop or grass area. This method will kill certain broadleaf style weeds while leaving the monocot or grass like plants untouched. Certain chemicals will react differently when applied and results are not guaranteed.

Non-Selective Weed Control – “Herbicide formulated to control both broadleaf and grass weeds”.

Non-Selective weed control is a method used when you want to kill all vegetation within a specific area. This type of control also brings to the table residual, or length of weed control. Certain chemicals offer a residual or extended length of time that the chemical stays active within a treatment area.

When thinking about controlling weeds at your location, these are the first two options you will encounter.

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